Is Triumph Street Twin worth buying? Yes, Triumph Street Twin may be a good option. Triumph Street Twin is priced from 7.45 Lakh (Ex-showroom price, Delhi). Even though it is the gateway into the Bonneville family,

Is the Triumph Street Twin reliable? Reliability & build quality Reliability shouldn't be a problem as the motor is based on the previous model with lighter internalsa and service intervals remain at 10,000 miles. Our Triumph Street Twin owner reviews are very positive, with the exception of the standard tyres, which is often the case on new bikes.

Is the Triumph Speed Twin fast? Triumph's new Speed Twin is more than just a comfier Thruxton. Taking the best bits from the raciest of their retros and laidback roadsters,

How fast can a Triumph Street Twin go? 120 mph

Is Triumph Street Twin heavy? With a seat height of 790mm (under 30 inch), weighing in at under 200kg and available with a dealer fitted A2 licence kit, the Triumph designers have built the Street Twin specifically for the novice rider.

Is the street twin comfortable? The bike is comfortable cruising all day between 100-120 km/hr. Even after the said speed, the engine does not run out of breath and packs the punch up till 7500 RPM. The dual-exhaust muffler emit the sweetest exhaust note, reminding me of the older British twin-cylinder motorcycles.

Which bike is better Triumph or Harley-Davidson? The survey result also gave Harley-Davidson a higher overall-reader-score in terms of motorcycle satisfaction than that of Triumph.

Can you tour on a Speed Twin? Because the riding position of the Triumph Speed Twin isn't one I'd get comfortable on for long distances, riding around town can be a joy because you're always moving around in the seat. The engine is fun to keep alive in the 3-6,000 rpm range.

The 2021 Street Twin costs Rs 7.95 lakh, while the Goldline edition is priced at Rs 8.25 lakh. Triumph has equipped the Street Twin reasonably well. It comes with two riding modes (Road and Rain), traction control, and dual-channel ABS. 

The Triumph Speed Twin model is a Allround bike manufactured by Triumph . In this version sold from year 2020 , the dry weight is 196.0 kg (432.1 pounds) and it is equipped with a Twin, four-stroke motor.