The 2020 Indian FTR 1200 is a standard-style motorcycle based around the renowned flat tracker, the FTR750, but is equipped with the 1,203cc V-twin engine that's loosely based on a nipped and tucked Scout powerplant. This is Indian's highest-performing motorcycle with a claimed 123 hp 

What dies FTR mean? FTR means "For The Record." The abbreviation FTR, with the meaning "For The Record," is typically used to indicate that what the speaker is about to say is important and should be remembered.

Is Indian better than Harley Davidson? 📷 In terms of raw performance, Indian often has the advantage over Harley, but typically by what are negligible amounts, though H-D does produce models with spec sheets that best their Indian-made direct competitor.

What does FTR mean on Indian Motorcycle? Flat Track Racer The development of Indian Motorcycle takes another leap with the arrival of a new bike, the 2019 Indian FTR 1200. “FTR” stands for “Flat Track Racer,” which describes the bike's inspiration, if not its function.

Where is the Indian FTR made? Today, the tradition of premium craftsmanship in American manufacturing lives on at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, IA; the home of Indian Motorcycle and the birthplace of each new bike we make.

What type of bike is the Indian FTR? Previously the entire FTR lineup, except for the scrambler-styled Rally model, rolled on 19-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels with chunky dirt-track-inspired Dunlop DT3-R rubber. ... 2022 Indian FTR 1200 Specs.

Can you lower a FTR? For FTR 1200 S and model year 2022 and newer FTR 1200 models, adjustments can be made to the fork to increase or decrease the preload for a personal rider preference. It's important to make sure both forks are adjusted evenly.

Is Indian FTR good for beginners? The entry-level Scout Bobber Sixty is a low-revving, liter-sized cruiser packing a relatively modest 78 peak horsepower that's suited perfectly to beginners like myself. The FTR is a mean naked street bike

BLACK-T lowering shock (-30mm) Stage3 with reservoir for Indian FTR 1200 / FTR 1200 S (2019-2021) This shock absorber is perfect for reducing the seat height (-30mm) on the INDIAN FTR 1200 / FTR 1200 S. The Black-T spring preload allows easy and precise adjustment of the motorbike - balance to your requirements. 

The Indian FTR 1200 is almost spectacular. It handles perfectly, it's astonishingly well put-together and its power delivery is aggressive, linear and full of v-twin nastiness. It's incredibly good-looking, well-built and will be a benchmark of reliability in the years to come.