Subaru Forester STI Price

I am gonna tell you the most common features of every car in detail. Its price, interior, exterior, engine, launch date and many more. So, go through it >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Price information

 Subaru forester STI  perfectly matches the price as per the looks, interior and exterior. The price will always shock you its ($40,000)



Take care of your car’s engine in the garage and it will take care of you on the road. This car comes with a Synthetic Viscosity 5W engine which produces 195 KW + 265 BHP.



This car comes with a mesmerizing interior which makes you excited and gives you a feel of premiumness. 



You can't ignore this car if you are walking by it. Your eyes will definitely move towards it. Length, space and road clearance, all are amazingly perfect.


Speed and Safety

This car can touch 0-100 speed in approx. 4 to 8  seconds and it comes with enough airbags which makes your body feel safe and sound on any road condition.


Sound system

It comes with amazing sound speakers. Whenever you are hanging with your friends, you can enjoy it. 


Sitting area

I think in this price range, this car provides the best sitting space and number of seats. But sometimes it depends on the level of the customer.


Premium Feel and Looks

If I come on looks and feel, this car will never disappoint you in terms of leather and material which is used to make this car great.


Made for all type of roads

Not all roads are made for this car but this car and tires make for all types of roads. Its suspension system is the best.


Boot space

Whether you are going for a trip, to your relatives or anywhere. The boot space it provides is just recommendable and appreciatingly stunning.


Breaking system

Breaks can be the reason to save you at high speed. To give you the feeling of safety, the company built the braking system at its best.



Most probably, the airbags could be the reason to add 2+ NCAP ratings. So, you can now feel safe in this car.


Great for drag race

This car is made for drag racing or you can say it is a family car with high speed performance. Tyres can beat any car in any condition but in the same price range.


Classy Air conditioning

This car has 2 side Air vents which puts the air in motion and make it cold for you. 


Door child lock

Is your child in naughty or kiddy? If yes then you can turn around to press the button of child lock for windows because it has one.