Volkswagen Polo 2015 Review


2015 Volkswagen Polo Review

Fashion does not alter all that much. There is always evolution, which is why it is always new. Because it’s brand new, it’s possible that not everyone will enjoy it. This is how improvements take place. It doesn’t matter if it’s the fashion business or autos.

In 2010, Volkswagen India introduced the Polo, which quickly became the company’s smallest vehicle. The Polo and the Vento were two cheap Volkswagens for the Indian vehicle market, and they were the German automaker’s best-selling models. The Volkswagen Polo has been updated on a regular basis, and we recently tested the MY2015 Polo.

Exterior Appearance

The Polo GT TSi’s exterior appearance is similar to that of the normal Polo. The differences are modest, and the easiest way to tell the difference is to look for the GT and GT TSi badges around the vehicle. The new alloy wheels, black-colored wing matters, and black-colored spoiler are the additional differences on the GT TSi. The Polo GT is available in a variety of colours, but the best is the red that was carried over from the first Polo. That is the nicest colour for the Polo that we can propose. The Polo GT has a sportier appearance than the ordinary Polo.

The Polo’s style is still fresh, and the new chrome accents make it appear more premium. The paint quality of the German manufacturer makes the Polo seem so fantastic and contributes to the premium feel. Our GT TDI came in a red colour that isn’t available on the normal Polo. The Polo never fails to entice us. The normal Polo has a luxury look to it, and the blue colour is the best. The alloy wheels give the Polo a more stylish look.

Interior appearance

The interiors of the Polo have also received a small makeover. The interior appearance has remained fresh thanks to these little adjustments made from time to time. The interior dashboard of the Polo is of excellent quality. The Polo has an integrated music system with bluetooth, aux, and USB connectivity, as well as reverse parking sensors, dual airbags, and ABS, electrically folding ORVMs, and even steering-mounted audio controls. The instrument cluster’s new multi-information display and the steering wheel controls have a premium appearance. The GT has black interiors, while the ordinary version has black and beige interiors. The seats on the GT are also black rather than beige.

The Polo has only received a cosmetic facelift, thus there is no change in its interior area. The front row seats are spacious and supportive. The front seats have substantially superior side support than most comparable hatchbacks. There is extremely little space in the back seat. In a Polo, two fully grown individuals cannot sit behind each other. The space will be a little cramped. This is one of the Polo’s drawbacks, but it’s excellent for a couple with little children. The boot, on the other hand, is big enough to carry all of your belongings for a weekend.

Driven by Results

The Polo is available with a variety of engines. The first is the 1.2-litre petrol engine, which produces around 75bhp and comes with a five-speed manual transmission. The second engine is a 1.2-litre turbo petrol with a seven-speed DSG transmission that delivers around 103bhp (dual clutch transmission). The GT TSI is equipped with this engine. The 1.5-litre diesel engine is available in two power outputs: 90 bhp and 103 bhp, with the latter being the GT TDI. Only a five-speed manual transmission is available on both diesels.

If you’re looking for a car, we recommend the standard TDI or the GT TSI. The power produced by a normal TDI is adequate, and it is also fuel-efficient. A five-speed manual transmission is standard on the Polo TDI. When compared to the ordinary Polo, the GT TDI’s additional power isn’t much. Because of the automatic transmission and the power it delivers, the GT TSI is far more convenient than the others. It’s about driving comfort and power.

The Polo’s ride is a little tight, but it’s OK on bumpy roads. After a while, however, when you clock a few thousand kilometres, the ride begins to soften. The Polo chase requires significantly more horsepower than what is available in India. The Polo’s handling abilities are exceptional, and the chassis’ responsiveness is incredible. It performs admirably when pushed around a turn. It will not let you down. Unless you’re using the back seats, the Polo is a comfy car that’s great for long travels.

The Polo’s light steering wheel makes driving smooth and effortless. Manoeuvring in tight lanes is a snap, and the steering feels good and responsive when driving on tight curves. If you enjoy driving, the Polo is undoubtedly one of the new luxury hatchbacks to consider.


The advantage of the Polo GT TSi is that it is not only a fuel-efficient automatic, but it is also more powerful than standard automatics. As a result, you may utilise this hatchback for weekend travels while also using it as your daily city car. This is entertaining and convenient at a low cost.

The Polo stands out from the crowd thanks to its German build quality, driving dynamics, and appearance. The Polo is the segment’s oldest premium hatchback, but the German manufacturer has done an outstanding job of keeping it new in terms of style and features. The Polo is unquestionably a viable alternative.

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