Renault Lodgy Long Term wrap up


The Renault Lodgy is an MPV that offers a unique combination of a large family car and a comfortable taxi service. When this MPV joined our long-term fleet three and a half months ago, I began writing its periodic reports in a completely new way. Apart from city and highway reports, the Lodgy was used for various jobs such as transporting, off-roading, and so forth. After a wild ride during this time period, we figured out some of its positive and negative characteristics.

The good stuff

This MPV is a large vehicle, which translates to a lot of interior room. Passengers may easily enter and exit the wide and quiet interior thanks to the low ingress levels and broad doors. Six people can seat comfortably without feeling claustrophobic in this vehicle. Loading the bags is also a breeze thanks to the low loading lip and large tailgate. In that vein, I’d like to note out that the various seat fold and tumble options allow for a lot of goods to be stacked. So much so that we were able to fit a two-wheeler in there and move it.

Our top-of-the-line model comes with everything you need for entertainment and communication. The touch screen system, which is practical, ergonomic, and simple to use, adds to the convenience. It also comes with a rear view camera with parking instructions for improved visibility. Due to the good frontal and rear visibility, parking the long car isn’t difficult in any case.

The car’s 110PS K9K diesel engine has ample power for city driving or even interstate driving. Fuel efficiency in the city was 11-12 kmpl (down from 14-16 kmpl on the highway), which is adequate for a 1,368kg MPV driven in rush hour. Outside, the diesel engine’s clatter is audible, yet inside, the motor is scarcely audible. The ride is flat, with little side-to-side movement, making every occupant feel at ease and secure in any seat.

The not-so-great parts

Driving a large MPV in a congested city like Mumbai with tight roadways is a difficult undertaking. When cutting across traffic or even in bylanes, one must be cautious of its length. For continuous driving in city traffic, the steering is large and the clutch is a little hefty. The turbo lag is fairly noticeable under 1,800rpm, despite the engine’s refinement.

With the exception of the effort necessary to raise the large centre seats, getting to the third row isn’t difficult. Still cramming three adults onto the third row just adds to the agony of the two delighted passengers. In addition, a roof rack will be required for the additional luggage, as the boot will not be sufficient for the luggage of six travellers.


Renault introduced the Lodgy in India to compete directly with the segment leader, the Toyota Innova. It may not be able to compete with the former’s sales, but it does become a serious challenger, particularly now that the new Innova is even more pricey. Renault is also providing numerous discounts and additional perks on this MPV’s variations, making it a more attractive bundle. Although the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and Honda Mobilio are less expensive, they are also less capacious, feature-rich, and pleasant than the Lodgy.


the quality of the ride

Cabin is spacious and quiet.

Efficacy of fuel

Position of the driver

Price reductions


To go about the city, you’ll need a big car.

Heavy-duty clutches

For six persons, there is less luggage space.

The warranty has been decreased from 5 years/one lakh kilometres to 2 years/50,000 kilometres.

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