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Review of the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Coupe

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class of the latest generation is divided into numerous subbrands. The swanky-looking S-Coupe is one of the newest additions, and it comes with the S63 AMG version as well. So, what exactly is the S-Coupe? Is it a strong coupe? Or even opulent? Is the S-Class pedigree still intact? To learn more about the Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG, we take it for a test drive. Continue reading to learn more about the mystery.

Exterior Appearance

The S Coupe is without a doubt one of the most beautiful automobiles on the road. It will not fail to appeal to you, whether you are a teenager or a senior citizen. The S-Class retains the badge above the grille because it is linked to the “Travel with Star” programme, although the S Coupe does not. It boasts an avant-garde front grille with a huge central star and a thick horizontal chrome slat. The AMG badge is also perfectly positioned in the front grille. The air dams beneath the grille are surrounded by chrome, and the fascia is angular. Every component fits together nicely to give it a stance. The headlamp design is similar to that of all other Mercedes-Benz automobiles from the new generation.

With its long hood and coupe stance with a fastback, the S63 AMG has a blend of sports car and coupe character on the side profile. The 10-spoke alloy wheels, on the other hand, we think would have looked better with a different design. One of the features is the red colour of the disc brakes. This coupe has a voguish rear end with a narrow strip of chrome running across it. The huge haunch on the back bumper, as well as the four enormous exhausts, show that this is a large beast that will vanish from your sight in an instant.

Interior appearance

The S-interiors Coupe’s must be sumptuous, stylish, and athletic at the same time (because of the AMG character). It is a challenging task. However, the designers in Affalterbach and Stuttgart thought long and hard before creating the perfect interiors. The instrument panel is based on the S-Class, however there are certain AMG and S Coupe touches. This is one of the rare AMGs with a gearstick on the steering column instead of the dynamic AMG gearshifter in the centre. The steering wheel is hefty and comfortable to hold, with flappy paddles that make shifting fun. The S Coupe looks incredibly tech-loaded and futuristic thanks to the huge LED display in the instrument cluster and centre console.

The front row seats are supportive and stylish. They are a blend of luxury with sportiness, so the lumber support is dynamic and in sync with the steering input for the optimum support. We experienced a similar issue with the E63 AMG, and this has been emphasised for greater support. The second row has adequate space, albeit it may be a little snug for tall persons. The rear seat is really comfy, and the seat is very cosy. There is only enough room for two persons because there is an armrest in the middle. Only if you are six feet tall and the front seat is filled by someone who is also six feet tall would you find it difficult to sit in the rear. Because of its connection to the S-Class, the S63 AMG has a high toy quotient. Every time you step inside, a robotic butler offers you a seatbelt. To prevent intense solar rays from entering the interior, the sunroof tints automatically.

Driven by Results

The S63 AMG is powered by a 5.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 577bhp and 899Nm of torque. A seven-speed automatic transmission is paired to this engine. On a twitch of your right toe, the S63 AMG with its twin-blown V8 takes off, gathering up its skirts. If you need a GT, on the other hand, it’s a cruiser and a mile-eater. This is one of the most elegant and comfortable cruisers available. When you press pedal to metal, the V8’s exhaust has a soulful sound and woo-zing.

When it comes to ride quality, Mercedes-Benz has always been the best. Despite being an AMG, the S-Coupe features a quiet ride. It glides over potholes and bumps with ease, providing a smooth ride. The Magic Body Control absorbs all the bumps, allowing the passengers to enjoy the frills while the road shocks are absorbed. The handling, too, does not require any explanation. With the seat and steering adjustments available, the view of the instrument cluster is obscured; but, owing to the heads up display, this problem is resolved. The ride is beautiful, and driving is a breeze. The steering is extremely precise and responsive, with plenty of input, and the huge gear paddles add to the fun.


The S-Coupe is one of Mercedes-most Benz’s elegant models in recent years, and such designs are only seen once every decade. More power and, of course, more cows come with the AMG avatar. If you have to choose between a Rolls Royce Wraith and a Bentley Continental, the S63 AMG is the winner. This coupe should be considered if you have refined preferences and a desire for exceptional performance while remaining in the lap of luxury. The S500 Coupe is the automobile to choose if you want to arrive in a car that is all about aesthetics and has good performance.

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