Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG – Crazy colour, Crazy SUV


You don’t buy an iPhone because it’s good value for money! For the premium factor, high quality, user experience, and brand, one must spend more. If you’re looking for a good deal, any of the low-cost Androids on the market will suffice. Similarly, you don’t buy a HiDesign bag because it’s cheap. There are many of bags available if you only need it to be functional and cost as little as feasible. Luxury and value for money can never be found on the same side of the coin.

You acquire a high-priced car for the sheer pleasure of it. These automobiles aren’t about getting a good deal; they’re just fun to drive. Some will pamper you with lavish bells and whistles, while others will make you smile every time you step behind the wheel. Normally, these are supercars that provide an adrenaline rush, but today even SUVs may provide such an experience. SUV sales are on the upswing, as many purchasers choose them for their versatility to go anywhere, higher ground clearance, and commanding seating posture. There are several performance SUVs on the market, but one stands out: Mercedes-G-Wagen. Benz’s The G63 is the AMG version of the car that is offered in India. We get into this SUV and take it for a test drive to see how it feels!

Exterior Appearance

The G-Wagen was designed in the late 1970s and has a similar shape today. The G63 AMG features a boxy shape that is both utilitarian and suited for off-roading. Off-roading potential is improved by having nearly a wheel at each corner. The G63 AMG’s front end features an old-school bull-bar with round headlamps, as well as a thick chrome slate that looks classy. The outrageous colour transforms and increases the appeal of the G, making it look incredibly amazing. The risks are located on the top rather than the sides, which is more practical. And, with this colour palette, it appears to be modern and jazzy rather than simple and old-fashioned. Pushing the button and pulling the door handle are still the same.

The side profile is also fairly boxy and has a very simple style. The blacked-out top and wheel arches, on the other hand, contribute to the glam element. The door handle is styled with a black and chrome strip that runs across the body. It will appear plain and dull without it. The rear and three-quarter profile are also dreary and uninteresting. Mercedes-G63 Benz’s AMG is particularly alluring because to its vibrant colours. The standard G63 AMG is sure to turn some heads, but the reaction to the wild colour was incredible. When they see this SUV, almost everyone will turn around.

Interior appearance

Mercedes-Benz has carried over the same rugged and powerful interior design to the G63 AMG. The G55 was pretty unrefined the last time I drove it, but the G63 adds some luxury features. Several AMG touches have been added to the interiors, as well as a dash of luxury. The centre console contains some gadgets, including a seven-inch screen and a COMAND system. Harman Kardon speakers are standard on the G63, and the instrument cluster is vintage in design.

The plush leather seats provide excellent support. The front seats may be adjusted to the smallest detail, and this is where the difference is made. There is lumbar and even side support. The seat grips you strongly, just like a bucket seat, despite the considerable ground clearance and swift direction changes. AMG badges can also be found on the seat. If you sit in the second row, you’ll be dissatisfied because it’s a touch cramped and the seats aren’t as comfortable as the first. There are two LCD screens on the back, however they are optional. The G63’s boot is also quite large, with enough room for a couple of chests. The parcel tray, or rather, the luggage cover, seems a little thin for an AMG.

Driven by Results

When you turn the key in the G63 AMG, the 5.5-liter twin-turbo V8 engine roars to life. Mercedes-Benz upgraded its 36-year-old SUV from G55 to G63 in 2012, increasing its power from 500 to 537 horsepower. This engine has a lot of torque, and the SUV vibrates when you apply the throttle from a standstill. Something along the lines of how an American muscle car might behave. The side-twin exhausts shorten the length and make the exhaust sound more grunty. This engine is a monster, and only a rational person would consider it. When the world was moving on to curves, someone brave enough to take a chance created this boxy SUV, and the consequences were spectacular.

Step behind the wheel and you’ll be surprised at how simple it is to alter the steering position, and despite the V8 engine beneath the hood, the bonnet feels compact, with the left edge visible. When driving, it never feels like a giant SUV. The steering wheel is lighter than that of the G55, and the turning radius is also shorter. It’s ooh-la-la to drive through the city and on the roads since it’s so simple and convenient. When you put your foot down, you can’t stop grinning. The G63 AMG makes a good argument for it and effortlessly handles tight corners. What’s remarkable is how this large SUV, which has three sets of differential locks and can out-off-road most other SUVs, can even throw its weight around and make a solid case for itself. When it comes to drivability and even handling, this SUV is simply superb. It can accelerate, turn, and cruise like a sports car, with the exception that it mutes its exhaust when driving with minimum throttle input. This is a tall SUV with excellent handling. As a result, it must have a firmer ride than comparable Mercedes-Benz models. Off-roading in the G63 AMG is also a little stiff.


The G63 AMG is a crazy SUV in its insane colour. If you’re looking to spend around Rs 2 crore, you’re already crazy enough to buy something. So don’t second-guess yourself and get the G63 AMG. You will not be disappointed because there is nothing else on the market that can compare to this one. Although a supercar may have greater on-road qualities, the G makes a stronger case for itself. With this Wagen, you won’t have to worry about speed-breakers or bumps. We weren’t sold on the idea of a decent off-roader with a twin-turbo V8 until we got behind the wheel and declared it the best vehicle money can buy.

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