How To Start a Blog in 2021 : An Awesome Guide

How to start a blog in 2021 and make it popular

Hello bloggers, Do you want to start a blog in 2021 that will get overnight success? If yes then this blogging guide is for you. Have you ever thought about starting a website or blog? Is it worthy in 2021. Thousands of doubts come to mind when it comes to starting a successful blog. Because this is a very uncommon work or career. If I talk about indian study system, there is no subject about blogging in school or college. We are just learning hindi, english or maths. Lastly, we take admission in college and struggle for a degree to get a reputed job.

But finally, our whole life ended in hustling for money at a 9 to 5 job in a company. Is this a good way to live life? I think this is not. When we study in school, our parents ask us what we want to become in the future and we say doctor, teacher or an engineer by dreaming about a successful life. But these are only dreams and desires.

2021 is on going and it is the era of technology. Everyone has a separate mobile phone and some students have a laptop with internet facility. So, what are you waiting for? I am suggesting you start a Brandable website on a specific topic or niche.

Does it sound good or not? I make sure that your 1 year of hard work can help you to earn thousands of dollars by start a blog. Blogging is a growing industry and if you have skills like copywriting or content writing then it is going to be the best career for teenagers to earn thousands of dollars.

In this blogpost, I will explain to you how to start a blog in 2021. How you can start a blog or money making website. So, without wasting any time, let’s start the journey to understand the process to start a blog.

Before explaining the main things, I want to answer some most common questions by the beginners. These questions and answers will motivate you and encourage you to start your career in the blogging field.

Table of Contents

What does blogging mean?

Blogging meaning is so simple. The whole system starts from google. Google is a search engine which is worldwide popular. Google launched blogging in august 1999. Blogging allows us to publish the written content on google. 

Let’s suppose, you are an english teacher and you want to publish your knowledge on the internet. Then blogging can help you. Although youtube is also here, blogging is older than youtube. You just need to write the content and make a website to publish it. Blog is a website and blogging is all about writing original content on the blog. 

Blogging is so simple by maintaining an online website and publishing unique content on it. Some tech lovers create a blog on their own and start to write blog posts. If you don’t have enough knowledge of coding then you can use wordpress which allows you to create a blog without programming and it provides you with a simple and easily manageable dashboard to manage your blog.   

How did blogging get an ultimate boost in lockdown?

As you know this is the era of covid and we all are facing lockdown because of the coronavirus. Because of the coronavirus, people are facing financial problems, physical and social problems. Offline works like selling, shops and merchants are also affected by this virus. 

Corona forced people to earn money from the internet. These days, people are continuously searching for ways to earn money online because authority does not allow them to get out of their homes. Everybody wants to start a blog to earn money.

Those persons who did not think to start an online work are managing a blog now. You can say this is a compulsion because of the lack of money and resources. The competition has also increased in the field of blogging because millions of people started blogging in the last 2 years. Just look at the stats below.

Start a blog

How to start a blog in 2021

This guide will help you to start a blog from scratch. You will know how to design a blog, buy hosting and connect wordpress, etc. In simple words, this ultimate guide to start a blog will teach you each and everything about blogging and blog making. 

Quick overview to start a blog

Before starting these Steps I am going to give you a quick overview in 5 small steps for how to start a blog. Because Some of you are familiar with a blog. So by reading this, you can start your blog immediately. With the help of this, you can start your blog in just half an hour. 

  1. Select a niche:- A niche work as a foundation to start a blog. This is the primary task which you have to do. You have to choose a niche. In which you are passionate and perfectionist. Niche is a topic. Make sure that your Niche should be in demand. In simpler words, your niche should have enough interest among people or the public. 
  2. If we talk about domain names, the name should be related to your niche. It means, your blog domain specifies your niche. For example, A health blog can be but not be Did you understand ? The Website name is the same as the name of a brand name. You can make it a brand with your hard work.
  3. Select the best blogging platform:- The next step is to choose the best platform for your blog. To start a blog, there are multiples of choices out there for you such as,,, etc. But the Most famous blogging platform is WordPress. If you’re really serious about blogging then I will recommend you to use wordpress for your blog. It is a versatile and themes/plugins rich platform. If someone asks “which is the best blogging platform”  – Tell him, WordPress is Best and Beast.
  4. Select a web hosting:- Web hosting is the most important part of a successful blog. You can not dream about a Money making blog without a good web hosting service.
  5. Domain name is the name of your blog. Just the same as your name that people know by your name. Similarly, your audience remembers you by your website’s name. For example,
  6. Design your blog:- In this part, you need to design your blog. You do not need to learn coding or a web designer for this. These days, Platforms like Wix or WordPress provide you with attractive & responsive themes. Which you can use for your blog according to your Requirements.
  7. Write first blog post:- Launching your First Blogpost is the last step. This makes a blog complete. Write a rich content and do SEO. Then Publish your Blogpost.

I recommend the BLUEHOST hosting for your blog. It is affordable and the best hosting. 74% of the Bloggers in the USA use bluehost hosting for their blog. It’s starting price is only $2.95. At this price, you get shared hosting. Which is the best selected hosting for new bloggers.

How did I start a blog?

Before starting a blog, I was an IELTS trainer. IELTS is an exam in which I teach students in learning english. It is a special exam. When a student wants to migrate to another country for their studies then this exam is a must. As the time passed, my english skills improved and I thought of guiding students online. Ofcourse, everybody loves to read in english language online. 

With this meaningful thought, I built this website in April, 2021. But I found my interest in SEO and digital marketing too along with the IELTS test. A conventional thought to make a separate blog for this came in my mind but I did not want to manage 2 websites at the same time. That is why I added a category related to digital marketing, guide blogging in this and start to publish blog posts. 

I learned thousands of lessons on the way to building a blog. There is no other partner with me on this website and I am single handedly managing this blog. At that time, I did not know SEO and other important aspects. But I joined so many premium courses to learn SEO. Somebody told me about wordpress and in just one month I completed the setup and whole designing of the blog. This is my journey to the IELTS window.  

How to start a successful blog in 2021 in 17 steps

Before moving to the main points I need to tell you some things. The whole blogpost is going to be very long. It can take nearly 2 to 3 hours to read and understand. But I added so much value to this. I thought about clearing each and every doubt related to the blogging. 

I made this guide to consider that you will start your blog on wordpress because every serious blogger in 2021 will start a blog on wordpress. Who wants to monetize the blog and maintain it like a professional will use wordpress only. Because WordPress is the most preferred blogging platform in the market. Let’s start to know the steps to start a blog now without wasting any time. 

#1 – Select a niche to start a blog

Start a blog

What is a niche? The niche is a specific topic on which your website’s content will be based. In simple words, the niche is a topic you are going to write about on your blog.  It is the first step to select a topic for your blog. Just unleash and unfold your ideas and think about what you are interested in. To start a successful blog, you need to select a best engaging niche for your website.

Let me give you a proper overview of the niche. If you are a girl then you might love cooking and recipes but if you are a boy then you may be a tech savvy person. I am just trying to explain the meaning of niche. 

Just look at this blog, this blog is based on IELTS related preparation stuff and to learn blogging in 2021. I have captured 2 topics because I found my interest in both of these. The niche could be anything like cooking, traveling, teaching, education, Guidance, etc.

You can do research to find the perfect topic for your blog. Go to the internet and visit other websites like news websites or anything to take suggestions. 

You just need to unfold your ideas and your interests. In which topic are you interested in? If you are a girl then you might love cooking and recipes. If you are a boy then you might be a tech savvy person. Just brainstorm your ideas and select the best topic for your website.

After selecting the niche for your blog, you need to validate 5 things which will help you to analyze the niche from in depth. 

5 steps process to find a profitable niche for blogging in 2021

With the help of this blog niche finding technique, you can create a best niche list and start your blog. Let’s look at those points to consider at the time of niche selection. 

  1. Check the niche size
  2. Do you enjoy learning that topic
  3. Are people interested in the same niche
  4. Explore the competitors in the niche you selected
  5. Analyze monetization potential of the topic

Check the niche size (1)

The size of the niche matters. Your blog’s ranking depends on the niche size. So, what should be the size of the niche? Some people say it should be broad and some say micro niches are best for the blog. Niche size is extreme factor to start a blog.

According to my experience, the niche should be broad and wide because you will never feel the lack of content in future. Let’s suppose you have selected the niche search engine optimization and now you want to check the size of the niche.

Start a blog

It is so simple, just go to google and search about that topic. As you can see, that SEO topic is not bad. There are billions of websites out there related to search engine optimization. As well as it is related to your interest. 

Do you enjoy learning that topic (2)

In my personal point of view, this is the genuine factor. Everytime time I sit to write something for my website. I just love to write because I enjoy writing about IELTS and blogging guides. I am not doing this forcely and in boundation. I feel happy.

If you want to start a successful blog than will help to earn more money, then you need to feel enjoyement in writing the content.

During the topic selection, you must select a topic in which you enjoy a lot. Because blogging is not only about writing content. But Content writing is the knowledge grabbing process. Let’s suppose you love to cook non veg foods and someone is forcing you to cook vegetarian food for the last 1 year. I am sure you will feel frustrated and irritated.

Start a blog with a loving topic by you. because it gives you many opportunities to learn about that topic in a deep way and you will never feel bored at the time of writing content. It is the most serious matter, so please do not take it lightly.

Are people interested in the same niche (3)

The popularity of the niche matters a lot because more searching means more traffic or visitors to your website. If your topic is loved by millions of people then there are more chances to be popular in the blogging industry.

Let’s suppose you have finalized the niche of search engine optimization but you don’t know “are other people love to read about this topic”.

Just go to google and search about that topic. Let’s see with an example.

As you can see that the volume on the SEO topics is high then it is good to choose for your blog. There are 2 billion+ websites that have published content related to search engine optimization. It means billions of people are searching about this topic.

Explore the competitors in the niche (4)

Everytime time we dive into the sea of competition. We fix our eye on the competitors and analyze how they are doing and how much they are publishing on the website. 

Just search the main keyword related to your niche on google. Open all the ranking websites in the new tab. Visit their pages and posts to look into the depth. Start a blog by competing the other websites.

It allows you to know more about the topic and encourages you to start a blog in that niche. Google is a house and you can check any of the websites at free of cost. So, just dig it all and search more and more about the competitors. It will give you deep information and help you to stick to the topic. 

How much monetization potential it has (5)

Monetization is all about earning money from the blog. You have to check that “is this niche good to earn money?” Every niche has a different CPC (cost per click) and money earning potential. So after selecting the topic, please checkout the growth and scope of that niche.

Are people earning money in this niche. Actually it is clear by the number of sites I have made on google. If Google has billions of websites related to SEO then it has good earning potential. You do not need to worry. 

#2 – Choose the best blogging platform for your blog

Start a blog

After selecting the niche for your blog. It’s time to select the blogging platform. Blogging platform means, where you are going to manage your website, content, designing and much more. It provides you the facility to maintain your website in all aspects. In simple words, blog management softwares are the platforms where you do not need to code or program your website. Start a blog in 2021 by choosing the best blogging platform.

In 2021, there are multiple blogging platforms out there who allow you to make a whole website without coding. You just need to understand how to utilize that software. Let’s look at the list of the softwares or popular blogging platforms in 2021. 

Start a blog

As you can see, WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there. Every serious blogger desires to start a blog on wordpress. 

There are 2 types of blogging platforms in 2021

  • Self hosted blog solutions
  • Hosted blog solutions

What are the Self hosted blog solutions (Ex. WordPress)

Self hosted blogging systems are those where you have to purchase separated web hosting and it will be personally managed by you or your team. There are not many choices if you go for self hosted blogging CMS (content management systems). 

WordPress is an open source content management system and this is extremely popular and some people have been using WordPress for the last 5 to 6 years. In simpler words, it is your duty to maintain your blog and run it using wordpress. You will have the total access of backend and frontend management. You just need to pay a few dollars for website hosting and domain name. But the good thing is that wordpress is totally free to use. You don’t need to pay any fees for using wordpress. 

Hosted Blogging solutions (Ex. blogger or Linkedin)

The meaning of the hosted blogging solution is clear by its name. That means you don’t have to buy a hosting. I know, it saves you money. Even thousands of new bloggers prefer free blogging platforms like blogger and tumblr. But free things always come with limitations and drawbacks. Look at the limitations of hosted blogging platforms. 

  • You will get a subdomain with the extension. For example, Although, it provides you to choose the custom domain selection. You can use a separate personal domain and register that on blogger. 
  • There are very limited functionalities and design options. 
  • There is no option of plugins and tools to enhance the features. 
  • You can not access the backend anymore. 
  • Website does not look good and attractive. 

Pro-Tip – I recommend you to use wordpress if you seriously want to start a conventional blog and make it popular and monetize with the blog. 

#3 – Choosing a Domain Name Start a blog

Start a Blog by Choosing a domain name is the most interesting part because it should be related to your niche. Domain name is the URL which is shown on the internet to people. it is not mandatory but if your domain name will represent your website’s topic then it is good.

People can find you out on the internet through your domain name. Just by typing the name of your blog (Ex. They can be found on search engines such as Google and bing. 

Most of the best domain names are already taken because the internet and blogging is very old now. But you do not need to worry because it is not compulsory to buy best domains but it should look and sound good. Let me tell you some important factors during the purchasing of a domain name.

Tips to choose domain name (Start a blog)

  • Always buy .com, .in, .org and .net because these are popular worldwide.
  • The domain name should be short and sweet because it will be easy to remember.
  • One more thing is to always select the correct, easy to pronounce spelling. The domain name should be easy to spell.
  • Avoid underscores, hyphens and digits in the domain name because it does not look professional.
  • Try to use main keywords in the domain name. 

How to choose the domain name for a website to Start A Blog?

There are multiple ways to choose a great domain for your blog but what’s the actual procedure? You need to remember 3 things and implement them during buying the domain.

  • Search until you find the available domain name
  • Try to use most searched phrases and synonyms in the domain
  • Visit and analyze your competitors websites in related niche to select the best one
  1. As the time passes, finding an available domain name is becoming tough and tougher. Because all the good domain names come in the premium category or are not available. When you sit to find a domain, always be patient and try again and again to find it. Because 90% of the bloggers give up. But you do not have to give up.
  2. The best way to select a domain name is by adding famous synonyms and phrases. For example, if you are going to make a blog and your niche is blogging then always try to add the synonyms to the related category such as myBloggingplatform or anything.
  3. Another suggestion is to visit other websites and see their domains in the same niche. This will help you to choose the perfect domain that can easily compete with their website.

Just go to the bluehost website to search out there. It is one of the most preferred and recommended websites to buy a domain in india. Now you have finalized the domain name. In the Next step, I will show you the perfect way to purcahse a website hosting and domain name together.

Is it good to use your name as a domain name to start a blog?

Yeah I would say yes. Because after all it is your name and you can publish any type of blogs here. But it is great if you publish a specific niche related blog posts like SEO or any teaching industry. It looks brandable and people are going to remember this to Start A Blog.

In future, you do not need to worry if you change your mind to another topic. You can easily migrate. But if you have purchased a domain related to finance and after 6 months you find that your interest is gradually decreasing in this niche. In this situation, you can not do anything. You have to start again from scratch.

The one disadvantage of the personal domain name is that these are tough to sell and find customers because people with the same name are tough to find. Always go throughout the process and check all the important aspects at the time of purchase a domain name to start a blog.

The final step is to pick the domain name and finalize it for your blog. It is the best experience because now you are the owner of a digital property for one year. After all, you are going to be a founder of a website.

#4 – choose a best web hosting service to buy

Before connecting to the web hosting to Start A Blog, we will know what is the meaning of hosting and how it works? The website hosting provides technical facilities like storage and allows you to show your domain name on the internet or search engine. Nowadays, there are hundreds of web hosting providers in the market. But some of them are reputed and recommendable.

  1. Bluehost
  2. Hostinger
  3. Hostgator
  4. A2 hosting
  5. Dreamhost

If you really want to start a blog that is going to be successful in future then you must have to choose the best reliable web hosting for your website. Although some of the hosting companies are expensive and it is tough to spend money on expensive hosting services. But I have searched for a great and reliable web hosting which is easy to connect and buy. That is Bluehost. It is one of the most preferable hosting options for beginners.

I personally use this on my website and it provides best loading speed with premium features like inbuilt cache clearance, plugins and page builders. Let’s know how to buy web hosting from hostinger to Start A Blog.

How to choose Web hosting to start a blog?

The next step is to choose the hosting plan according to your website. But some of the things you need to keep in mind while buying the hosting.

  • How much do you need to invest to start a blog?
  • Is your website a personal blog or a company’s website and business website?
  • Check the provided facilities and storage

As the hosting service is the most important factor in all terms like technically and in ranking. Your whole website will depend on your hosting company. Your website ranking, Technical SEO, Loading speed, etc. So, it is important to make good investments in hosting.

If you want to start a personal blog then a premium plan would be best for you otherwise a business plan is there. But always analyze your website level before selecting the hosting plan.

Third most important thing to consider is to check the features and other criterias according to the needs of your blog. Because sometimes you finalize the hosting but after some months you find that it should be like this or that. This is not enough storage or anything. So I recommend you to recheck the features before checking out.

Now you have choosed the web hosting company and domain name both. Its time to buy both at the same time. Next step is to purcahse the domain name and hosting service.

#5 – Buy domain name and web hosting from bluehost Together

Start a blog

The whole process of purchasing a domain name and hosting is combined with bluehost. Bluehost eases your work and saves time to start a blog.

I have divided the process into 4 steps to buy a domain name. We are going to buy a domain along with the hosting. U have told you that both hosting and domain purchasing is in one section. 

  1. Visit the homepage of bluehost
  2. Choose a best hosting plan to start a blog
  3. Register your domain name here
  4. Fill the account, package and payment info here
  5. Finalize your domain contract

1. Visit the homepage of bluehost

The first step is to navigate to the bluehost, the most popular website hosting website. Just look out the menu and Click on the hosting option but don’t ever click on domains. Because we are going to buy hosting and domain names together. 

Start a blog

If you click on the option of domains then the whole purchasing process will be disturbed and your plan to buy the hosting and domain together will be vanished. 

2. Choose a hosting plan to start a blog

Start a blog

If you are going to launch a small personal level website then the basic plan will be the best choice for you which starts from $2.95. It depends on the level of blog and business. As you choose the bigger plan, you will get more and more features. Basic hosting plan is for those who just want to start a single website without subdomains and without extra features. You can say it is very limited but best. 

As the choice plus plan is a recommended plan by bluehost. This is also a great plan and will ease your work. This plan provides some extra features like unlimited storage and unlimited websites. The choice is yours. 

3. Register your domain name here to start a blog

After clicking on the “SELECT” option, you will redirect to the domain selection page. Which looks like this. 

Start a blog

It shows you 2 options. One is for a new domain name and the other is for those who already purchased a domain for a blog. But here we have to choose the first option that is for new domain name buyers. 

You already choose the domain name in the third step, you just need to fill it here and click on the next button. I recommend you to read the third point again. Because once you purchase this, you can never get your payment back. It is a one way process. 

4. Finalize the purchase by entering account, package and payment info

This completes in 3 steps by submitting your (1) account information, (2) package information (3) extras and (4) payment information. 

Start a blog

These are the basic details which I do not need to explain. I assume you did this multiple times at the time of paying for something. But I want to give you some tips for this. 

  • Please recheck all the details.
  • Double check your account number.
  • In step 2, at the time of selecting the time duration, I recommend to select the plan of 36 months because it will save you some dollars. But if you are on a tight budget then a 12 months plan is best. 
  • Tap yes and agree with their policies. 

Now, you set the all up for the next step. That is installing the wordpress in bluehost. 

#6 – Install WordPress : Your blogging software

Now, you need a platform which you have chosen in the second step that is wordpress. It is the most interesting step because now you are going to install wordpress where your actual blogging journey will start and you will manage your website. 

Start a blog
  1. Open your bluehost hosting dashboard and select wordpress. 
  2. Click on the install button to download wordpress. 
  3. Fill your domain name in the third point. 
  4. Then click on the install now button by agreeing the terms and conditions. 
  5. It takes 1 to 2 minutes to install. 

#7 – Design your blog with wordpress to Start a blog

install theme to start a blog

It’s time to design your wordpress website with a responsive theme that will give a professional look and feel to your website. Your whole website’s appearance depends on the theme. Your content looking, coloring and navigation places is decided by the theme. So, you have to choose the best theme for your website. 

Firstly let’s discuss the theme and theme selection, then we will know how to install and activate the theme in wordpress. The process is going to be simple so don’t panic. 

I will discuss free and paid themes to start a blog which attracts people. Some of the beginners want free and best themes and some want to start with paid themes.

Best free wordpress themes for beginners to start a blog

I personally recommend some best free and lightweight wordpress themes for your website to Start a Blog. This is the list of the best free themes for the WordPress website.

These are the top 5 wordpress themes which you should use for your websites. I personally use the GeneratePress premium on my website.

Best paid wordpress themes to start a blog

Well, generatepress was also a premium theme which i have discussed before. I always recommend the bloggers to use the GeneratePress theme. If anybody wants to start his blog with a free theme or a paid theme. GeneratePress is the best one. It is lightweight and easy to customize. 

How to install a theme in wordpress

When you install the wordpress, the first step is to login to the dashboard to access all the features and options. It looks like this. 

The login process is extremely easy. You just need to type in the URL (www.myblog/wp-admin/) You will redirect to this page as you can look below. 

Start a blog

I am sure you are new to wordpress. This is going to be the first look of the wordpress homepage. This is going to be extremely attractive and you can say this is a money maker. 

Start a blog

To install and activate the theme. You need to click on the themes in the appearance section in the left menu sidebar. 

Start a blog

By default, wordpress gives you a pre-installed theme like twenty eighteen. But this is not catchy. For installing an attractive theme, we need to click on “add new” button on the top-right.

Start a blog

After that you will be redirected to the theme section. Where you will see thousands of themes. But you don’t need to be confused. You can filter the themes accordingly. Just click on the feature filter button. 

Start a blog

After taping here, this page will open to select the option as per your requirements.

Start a blog

Now, the theme package is in front of you. All the themes are eye-catching and money saving. It is not bad to use free themes. Because these are the WordPress recommended themes and you will never face problems related to SEO and any other thing because of the wordpress theme. 

Start a blog

The best thing is that you can preview the theme on the mobile phone and tablet mode as well. If you click on the theme thumbnail, this opens the preview page where it shows the whole design of the theme. This looks something like that. 

Start a blog

Once you finalize the theme by comparing the features and looks. You can install that by clicking on the orange button of install on the top right corner. 

After completing the installation and activation process. It’s time to customize the theme to give the website a better look and design. This is going to be the most important step to start a blog. For this, let’s go to the next step. 

#8 – Customize the theme to start a blog

Start a blog:- We are not going to get an in depth tour of customization because there are plenty of functionalities that offer multiple features. You can add more features by installing the plugins that we will discuss further. 

For example, you can add forums, chatting options and other things by installing the external wordpress plugins. But we are not going to do this now. We will just visit some basic things. We will stick to the crucial factors and basic options. 

The first step is to click on the customize button on the theme. 

Start a blog

By clicking here, the main theme customizer will open as you can see below. 

Start a blog

Just click on the first option “site identity” to change the site’s name and add a tagline, to change the logo and site icon.  

Start a blog

This is enough I think because other features will take time and you can customize these things according to your taste. 

#9 – Create Important pages and setup navigation

Start a blog:- Creating the necessary pages and homepage is important to Start A Blog. Afterall, all the navigation depends on the pages and posts and categories.

Setting up the Navigation decides whether visitors click on your page or not. Some of the newbies do not link all the pages to their home page and it creates a lot of problems after some time. I need to give you some suggestions regarding the creation of pages.

start a blog in 2021

How to start a blog in 2021

  • About us, contact us and the privacy policy page are important to create and connect with the footer menu.
  • Link them with the home page.
  • Create categories according to your topic.
  • Link them with the header menu along with the home page.
  • Create a sidebar for categories because it is easy to access on a laptop or PC.

#10 – Install necessary plugins

Start a blog

Well, WordPress offers the river of plugins that provides the different tools and functionalities. But we will discuss the most recommended plugins which can make your blogging career easy and fast. 

After installing these plugins, you will not visit any other blog. If you want to start a blog simply. 

Here is this list of most used and must have wordpress plugins. 

Most used wordpress plugins list

  1. W3 Total Cache
  2. Wordfence Security for hacking security
  3. Yoast SEO for SEO ranking
  4. ThirstyAffiliates
  5. Autoptimize for page optimization
  6. Akismet Anti-Spam for security
  7. Contact Form 7 to create a form
  8. WP for image optimization
  9. Warfare for social sharing 
  10. Cookie notice for cookie notice bar
  11. Elementor for page building
  12. Google analytics is to track the growth
  13. Updraft plus plugins for backup 

The process of installing the wordpress plugins is the same as the theme’s installation. Just click on the plugins and install them. 

Why should you install plugins on your blog?

Plugins work as enhancers for your website. Sometimes, a person wants to add more features to the website. Those features could be related to anything like designing, messaging, SEO and much more. To fulfill this need, WordPress provides a plugins directory where you will find the authorized plugins and third party plugins to customize your website to the next level. All of these plugins are properly tested and do not harm your website. 

Do more plugins affect website speed?

Yes, Extra plugins affect website speed and technical SEO ranking. That’s why i recommend the bloggers to use less plugins and uninstall the unnecessary plugins from the wordpress. I only use 7 to 8 plugins to my website. 

#11 – Submit the blog in Google search console with yoast seo plugin

Now the beast comes. It’s time to move on to the backbone of the blog that is SEO. We are going to optimize your blog for search engines like google, bing and yahoo. 

In simple words, search engine optimization is a procedure to optimize your blog which allows your website to be found on search engines organically for specific keywords. 

If i talk about me, I have given up most of my career to SEO learning and fortunately it gives me a lot of good results and encourages me to do more for SEO. If you are a beginner to SEO then it could be tough but not impossible. Although it is going to be interesting. 

The best thing about wordpress is that it makes it extremely easy to optimize your website by avoiding the tough and technical knowledge. 

Let me tell you more about SEO and how it works? When your blog will be created, you would have published 40 to 50 unique blog posts on your website. That time will be perfect for SEO. 

We will do the whole process by installing the SEO plugin which is named as Yoast SEO.

Let’s install the yoast plugin by clicking on the plugin option and tap on “add new”

Start a blog

Now, search for the plugin by typing :Yoast SEO in the search section on the right side. 

Start a blog

Install and activate it. Now, you have the beast which will help your blog in ranking. 

To optimize your blog, you need to set up all the functions of yoast. Let’s do it. 

Click on the yoast icon on the top bar or on the left side bar beneath the settings. 

Start a blog

Now, the dashboard is opened in front of you and firstly the web will set up the foundation of your website like website name or company name, etc. 

Click on the “Your info” section.

Start a blog

In this section, we will change your website name and tagline and company name. Yoast allow your website name to be shown on google. 

After filling the correct details and names, just recheck it and save the changes. 

Start a blog

Nextly, we will submit your website to google search console through the webmaster tools option. This will help to index your content on google and provide you the best optimization facility. 

Tap on the google search console option after the bing webmasters. 

Start a blog

This will redirect you to the gmail account login page. Where you have to fill your login credentials and you will transfer to the webmaster central page. 

Click on alternate methods because we will do the submission process by pasting HTML tag on your website. It is the most easiest and least mistakeable way.

Start a blog

When you click on the HTML tag option. There is a new drop down that will be open and it shows you a small one line code. 

Start a blog

As you can see above, the code looks like this. But you have to paste the code which is under the quatation marks like this(“”).

You just need to paste that code in the google search console section. Remember to save the changes after that.

Start a blog

Finally click on the verify button on the google console page. Now, your website is submitted to google search console.

#12 – Install analytics to track the growth

Install google analytics plugin to track the growth

You have started a blog and your blog is going well. But what you think about growth tracking. Is it important to install google analytics. Whenever bloggers start a blog, They think it will get more traffic but how will they check that how many people have visited my blog and what is the location where my website is ranking?

The answer is only one which is to install google monsterinsights plugin on your wordpress website and connect to google analytics. Let’s know the process in steps. The process is extremely simple to understand. 

  • Go on the official website of google analytics.  
  • Sign In there with the Email which you have used on your website or register with a domain name. 
  • Now, you have the google analytics dashboard. The process is complete. 

But the question is how we can connect the analytics with wordpress because it is quite irritating to visit the website again and again for checking the growth. Don’t worry, I have the answer. Let’s do it. 

Google analytics installation steps

For doing this, you will need to install a plugin which is “Monsterinsights google analytics”. It is the most preferable plugin by professional bloggers. It will be easy to check the visitors with this WordPress plugin. 

Start a blog

After activating the plugin, a new meny named insights will be added to your wordpress dashboard. Just click on it to start the activation wizard. 

Start a blog

As you can see above, the wizard looks like this. This is asking to select the category of the website. Are you working on an ecommerce website or a blog or a business website? Select the correct one and click on save and continue for further process. 

After that, you need to click on the connect monsterinsights for connecting your google analytics email with this. 

Start a blog

Choose a gmail account for the automation process. It will ask you to access then click on the allow button to continue the process. 

Now we will redirect to the next step is to select the website. Just select it and end it. 

Start a blog

Further steps are basic. I hope you will do that with yourself. This was just basic information about what to install. Good luck. Now it becomes easy to start a blog with best analyzation of growth.

This article is in processing. Sorry for inconvinence and we will update this article soon in 24 hours.

#13 – Brainstorm the blog topics to start a blog

Topic generation is the most important factor to start your blog with maximum growth. You have already selected the main niche but do you know what you need to write and which heading and topic you should consider to write. 

Most of the time people write the blog with their learnings and experiences. Very firstly you should write your first blog on your journey. 

  • How did I start a blog?
  • How I got into a blogging career?
  • How do I earn my first $100 from blogging? 

But don’t worry, I will explain to you simply what you should write about and how to unfold the topic into micro questions. 

Let’s suppose your website will be based on SEO and you want to find the most search topics about SEO or search engine optimization. 

Just think of some of the prime reasons that people come to your blog to learn SEO. 

  • What excites them and what special information you provide. 
  • People might love the way you teach. 
  • Related topics and content
  • What they will search for
  • List based posts

#14 – Write compelling content to Start A Blog

Writing the content is the most important part. Complellng content means your blogoosts should be engaging and informational.

What does compelling mean? Actually it means the every line of your blogpost should be attractive that force the reader to revisit your website again and loved by google search engine. But most of the people confuse that what are the important aspects to make it compelling and extraordinary blogpost.

There are multiple things which matter but here i will talk about the most curcial one. I have prepared a list of some important factors which works as a magnet for google and readers.

  • Use relevant graphics in your blogpost
  • Show some statistical data to build trust
  • Write the article in communicational language
  • Reader’s flow should not be break
  • Use powerfull words and positive sentiment words
  • Write each and averything about the topic
  • Make short paragraphs with 2 or 3 lines
  • Use maximum keywords but they should be long tail

If you want to know how to write a blog post the visit this link. Here i have discussed and explain the whole procedure to write a successfull blog post which will rank on google’s first page.

#15 – Create an publishing calender

Do you want to start a blog today and leave it tomorrow? Never! In the beginning of every work or business, we prepare a step by step plan which indicates to us what we have to do next. It is the same in blogging, you have to make a proper checklist of blog posts topics with dates.

As you know blogging needs consistency and it is the most uncommon thing in the world. 76% of new bloggers fail due to the lack of consistency. They just start a blog and fail. Because consistency tells the google’s crawlers about your website. If you maintain this then google will be habitual to track your website and scan the whole page.

People think that schedule is only for larger publications like hindustan times and Huffpost. But I think that they are also like me and you. Just think, if you eat food by skipping the days then how your body will grow. To grow your body faster, you take the diet consistently. It is the same in the blogging field, to show your presence on the internet, you need to publish more and more content with higher regularity.

I am going to explain how you can do this. You need to consider 3 most important factors to maintain consistency.

  • You typing speed and mind capability
  • Setup the proper date after fix days
  • Make a list of topics

These are the 3 aspects on which your growth matters. Let’s discuss each in detail.

Does typing speed really matter? I say yes. If you are a beginner then of course it matters. When I started my blog, I decided to write a single blog post per day. At that time, I did not know how long the topic was. Every topic has different information with different lengths. I have faced difficulties to maintain that. Sometimes, I spend 8 to 10 hours continuously on my laptop.

That makes a big impact on my eyes. Even my parents were saying that just leave this work and do another work. But I found a way to improve my typing speed. I installed a software named as a typing master and practiced for an hour daily. After 10 to 15 days, I was able to write 1 blog post per day. So, I recommend you to focus on your typing speed.

Typing speed is directly connected to the mind capability. That means your reading skills, learning skills and paraphrasing skills. Let’s suppose you are writing a blogpost on pollution. But there are already millions of blog posts on the internet about that. Then how will you write? To overcome this problem, you need to improve your skills. Learn more, paraphrase more and write more.

After doing this, just make a list of topics on which you are going to write or your website is based on. If your blog is based on blogging, visit your competitors blog and scan their topics. There are many ways to scan but i have selected a specific way to scan websites for topics. Just look at the steps –

  • Search the low level, medium level and high level websites. Just focus on 3 websites to compete.
  • Open them in different tabs and visit every page.
  • Look at the categories, pages, posts.
  • Note down in the notebook and make a list.

Low level websites will tell you about the easy rankable long tail keywords, medium level will give you an idea to rank on google, high level gives you the most popular and old topics and the good thing is that google loves old topics.

#16 – Monetize the blog

Start a blog: It is the first dream of every blogger to make money online through a blog. But it is not that easy. You need to do everything which i have discussed before then it is easy. In this section, we will talk about to make money by blogging. When a person starts a blog, it is his first preference to earn money.

There are many ways to earn money through blogging. We will discuss it one by one. But this information is specially for beginners. I will discuss only those ways which are easy to implement for beginners.

  • By showing advertisements
  • By affiliate marketing

These are the only two ways to earn money by blog. But don’t underestimate them. These are so powerful if you are doing good work.

Advertisements are the most common way nowadays. Google offers an adsense feature to blogger and website owners. If you have 30 to 40 blog posts on your website and your blog is 50 to 60 days old, then you are able to apply for google adsense. But to earn money, your blog should get some organic traffic.

Traffic is a word in blogging language. you can say visitors or readers. If you will get some clicks on the ads then you will make money according to the CPC.

Affiliate marketing is another engaging way to make money online through a blog. You just need to sign up on affiliate programs and attach a referral link on your blog. In simple words, you are promoting their product for some fixed commission.

Is it easy to earn money with start a blog?

Yes, it is easy to make money through blogging but you need to follow all the rules and publish unique content with high value. Your blogposts should be SEO optimized, Website designing should be good, quantity should be great, etc.

#17 – Promote the blog and gain traffic

This is the last and most important step for beginners. To start a blog with minimum traffic, you need to promote your website or blog. As you know, every big or small company advertises their product on TV ads before launching the product in the market. Their motive is to gain more sales. Same as this, you need to promote your website or work.

Blogging is not that easy. You will write blog posts every day in the desire of getting visitors. But for a new website it is a little bit tough to get organic traffic. But you can share your blog post on social media platforms. Visit these links, they might be helpful for you to promote your blog and grow your social profile. 

Promoting your blog on social media plays an important role if you want to drive instant traffic to your blog then social media is the best option for you. 

There are many popular social media platforms which send you unlimited traffic such as instagram, linkedin, facebook and pinterest. 

10 Blogging tips to start a blog

Here I am going to tell you some quick tips about blogging and writing improvement. Just read them carefully because these can providently help you in your blogging career. 

  1. Find Your Niche: At the time of start a blog by desiring to make it successful. It becomes important to think about the niche. In which topic you are passionate and love to learn about? It can be Digital marketing, money making, cooking, education or anything. 
  2. Represent your ideas to people: After finding the niche. It is your duty to know who is reading your blog. That is all about targeting the right people on the internet. Just show your ideas to those people who love to read your blog posts. That’s all. 
  3. Add value: Add value to your content. Your lines or your content should be written for the readers. You should connect those words to the people’s feelings. It will force your visitors to return to your blog. It also helps to get more conversions through the content. 
  4. Be original: Don’t copy the content from another website. Yes there are multiple blogs out there but your blog’s content should be different and engaging. Otherwise you can not stand out from the crowd. 
  5. Be interesting: Interest plays an important role in the writing. If you build the interest and enjoyment in your content then it means you will definitely achieve your goal in blogging. 
  6. Be Honest: Honesty is the best policy as you listen to this phrase. The Internet also follows this policy. Don’t lie to your readers because if you lose a single reader that means you lose one customer. Your blogpost should be authentic and reality based. 
  7. Be consistent: Consistency is the key to success. Discipline will help you to grow fast. Maintain regularity and follow the same steps everyday by learning new things. 
  8. Be transparent: Being transparent is mostly the same as being honest but the small difference is that you do not need to tell all the information and detail about yourself just to show that you are transparent. 
  9. Be patient: Formula name “Slow and steady wins the race” implemented in the field of blogging. You can not get easy and fast success in blogging but it is not impossible. You will have to work for 5 to 6 months to show your blog on the internet as a professional website. Blogging is one of the slowest money making strategies or work. 
  10. Website looking: In terms of looking, our focus directly goes to the theme and web hosting and page builder. Actually it matters a lot. If you want to show your blog as a specific niche website then looks should be catching. Start a blog with great theme.

Conslusion: Start a blog

After understanding the huge process to start a blog. I just want to say that blogging is going to be the Biggest field in some years. Every person has a personal blog in 2021 and it is good to have one. I recommed you to start a blog today without wasting any time.

FAQs To Start a blog

What makes a successful blog?

Although, there are many factors which matter at the time of starting a successful blog. But some of them are considerable. Let’s read the tips of successful blogs.

1. Blogging platform: This is one of the most preferable things on which you should focus before starting a personal website. There are multiple blogging platforms available in the market like blogger, Wix, wordpress and squarespace. But Most of the bloggers prefer wordpress. Even 73% of the website owners loves to use wordpress for there website. I recommend using WordPress too.

2. Niche: Blog Niche is another important factor. A great niche can give you necessary success in the blogging field. Click here to know “How to pick a blog Niche“.   

3. SEO (Search Engine Optimization): SEO is one of the most crucial factors in blogging. If your SEO is good than your website can be viral on internet in minutes. 

4. Website Speed: In 2021, google changed their criteria to rank the websites on mobile. If you want to rank your website in mobile version then it is good for you to use lightweight wordpress themes and the best hosting service. Otherwise your website will not get better results.

5. Consistency: In every type of work, consistency and regularity matters. If you complete your target regularly then it means you will get fast results. 

How do i become a blogger?

Actually it is a long story but I tell you in short. I started my website few years ago. The only way to start a blog is to learn all the things to start a blog.

– Choose the blog niche and finalize to start a blog.
– Purchase web hosting and domain name related to your blog niche.
– Install better theme like generate press and customize it.
– Install important wordpress plugins.
– Start to write SEO optimized content.

What is the difference between blog and website?

In simple words, blog is a personal blog and it becomes website when it evolve as per the time.

When it contains the professional data,

Is blogging dead in 2021?

No Never, it is true that most of the people attract towards videos. But blogging can not be dead because google is standing because of text content. SEO and content is directely connected with each other. There are more than billion readers on internet.

Does anyone read blogs anymore? Is blogging a waste of time or not?

There are millions of people on the internet who read blogs on daily basis. Even audience are increasing day by day. Blogs and websites are popular all over the world more than vidoes even.

Blogging is not a wastage of time. If you really want to share your thoughts genuinely then you will definitely grow one day and earn in millions.

To start a blog worth in 2021?

Yes offcourse, Blogging is beneficial in 2021. Your blog can be a platform for your audience, content, writing stuff and courses. You can build your website like a business and socialize around the world.

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