Fiat 595 Competizione Drive Review: Hot Wheels


What may be done to improve the flavour of a standard curry? Adding extra chiles and spices is the simple solution. This provides a new dimension to an otherwise uninteresting dish by giving it a new flavour. That is exactly what Fiat has done. Abarth, their in-house tuner business, is known for transforming ordinary cars into remarkable beings, and the 595 Competizione is a performance-oriented hot hatch.

Abarth is one of the most well-known racing brands in the world, with a history of producing high-performance cars and a long list of motorsports victories. Fiat finally took the right move in the right direction, given the growing popularity of racing and motorsports in India. They introduced the Abarth 595 Competizione in India with the goal of appealing to driving aficionados.

The turbocharged 1.4L TJet motor produces 160 horsepower and 230 pound-feet of torque and accelerates from zero to 100 kilometres per hour in 7.6 seconds. It boasts a plethora of high-tech capabilities to back up its maniacal image, and it claims to be an everyday driver’s race vehicle. Such bold promises can only be put to the test on a racetrack, which is exactly what we did. To learn more about this blazing red chilli pepper of a car, read our first impression of the Fiat 595 Competizione.

Exterior Appearance

It’s a Fiat, and they haven’t developed a bad-looking car yet, with a few exceptions. Because of the design inspiration pulled from the Fiat 500 Cinquecento, a car from the past noted for its modest, lovely, and elegant presence, the Fiat 595 Competizione looks nostalgic.

While the Abarth 595 Competizione has the same characteristics as the previous models, it has been loaded with a plethora of drool-worthy features on the outside. 500’s attractiveness has been altered with a wider, meaner stance to make it appear more aggressive. With a contrasting grey grille, the lower part resembles a diabolical smirk. Fog lamps and headlights in retro style give homage to the original design while remaining stylish and modern. The Abarth emblem sits smack in the middle of the blade, not to be confused with the normal model.

More aggressive features include a hood ridge line, carved air scoops beside the front bumper, and a broad lower air inlet. On the side, things get even more fascinating as the design begins to show off its Italian flair. As everyone knows, cars drawn by these types don’t try too hard to look ultra-modern, but instead have a subtle manner of embellishment. Despite the fact that the Abarth 595 is simply a hot hatch, it has a level of refinement and superb style.

If that isn’t enough, the 17-inch sport alloy wheels with road-holding Pirelli tyres and almost-glow-in-the-dark 4-piston self-ventilated red brake disc callipers will undoubtedly do the rest of the convincing. The Abarth vinyl layered on the side simply makes it feel faster than it is. Large doors on the side allow for simple entry and, to some extent, allow rear occupants to go inside.

It receives a muscular C-Pillar flowing from a uni-shaped roof, as well as a rear wing spoiler for more sportiness. The back, with a more sensuous scheme of arrangement, makes an equally striking impression as the front. The tiny little tail lights are surrounded by a bright surround and blend in well with the other parts. It has a small rear windscreen, which makes reversing difficult. It’s not like it’s a problem because rear park assist is standard. The twin exhaust pipes nestled under the front bumper with a brushed aluminium finish rear skid plate are the most stunning elements, aside from the expressive derriere.

Interior appearance

The Abarth 595 Competizione doesn’t want you to be sidetracked by any superficial treatments, so you won’t find the usual bits of luxury and high polished trims inside. To give it a devil gone insane vibe, everything is done in restricted tones of crimson and black. Despite the lack of comfort, one might like spending time in this small cave of a cabin, for the reasons listed below.

It starts with a flat-bottomed racing-style steering wheel wrapped in plush leather. There are multi-function controls installed on it to offer a practical feature. Beyond the steering wheel, there’s a 7-inch all-digital instrument cluster with TFT display that looks almost like something out of a video game. This screen’s information focuses heavily on speed, emphasising its performance-oriented motif.

The central layout doesn’t appear to be suited for a Rs 30 million car, with outmoded knobs, buttons, and switches, making the Punto Evo’s feel superior. The plastics on the door trims, which lack elegance and aren’t likely to be found inside a car with such a legacy and history, add to that feeling. While the driver can smile from ear to ear by tinkering with the entertainment system, which includes a typical list of amenities such as a Blue&Me hands-free system with USB and Bluetooth, the front passenger can amuse himself by fiddling with the entertainment system.

The seats aren’t particularly comfortable, and they aren’t the best place to be for an extended period of time, but you can’t expect a sports vehicle to have plush cushioned seats. Sabelt Italy provided the Abarth 595 seats, which are among the best and can be found in Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo. The lateral support is exceptional, preventing you from becoming unbalanced even while doing the tightest of turns. Rear seats are strictly functional, and are best suited for younger occupants such as children, as your adult pals will undoubtedly find it a tight fit, preferring to watch you drive away rather than chopping off their legs to get in the back seat.

One thing is certain: it may not have the upmarket feel of a normal costly car, nor does it have justified levels of practicality with few cubby holes and a small boot, but the degree of details with Scorpion badges and Abarth branding makes it utterly drool worthy. Second, something else will divert the attention of the people inside. To learn more about it, read the performance.

Driven by Results

Fiat is also known for producing well-behaved, stylish, and luxury vehicles, which are frequently owned by people who love being mild and smart. When you step into the power cocoon of the Abarth 595 Competizione and hear that pint of a motor roaring to glory, your perception of the brand alters.

The racing steel pedals with etched Scorpion emblem, flat bottom steering wheel, and tight gripping seats put you in the perfect mood. It doesn’t have a large displacement motor or a multiple cylinder arrangement like a clich├ęd sports car, but it does have a spruced up 1.4L T-Jet powertrain that provides a peak power of 160PS and a top torque of 230 Nm. The one marketed in India does not have a manual shift option like the ones sold elsewhere, but it does have a robotized manual shift known as AMT transmission.

This is unquestionably a little car, as its unusual design demonstrates, but it should not be mistaken for a typical grocery-shopping hatchback. It has the ability to manufacture omelettes from eggs while moving, and it does so without causing the seconds hand on a clock to wander too far from its starting location.

The AMT unit isn’t the finest in the business, and it can reduce enthusiasm, particularly while holding on to the throttle in corners, but there is a simple solution. Everything can be changed by pressing the ‘Sport’ button on the dashboard. To begin, the exhaust sound is harsher than before, the throttle response is tuned, the steering is heavier, the suspension is firmer to handle curves, and finally, a large amount of torque is unleashed, as regular mode only has 206Nm of torque to play with, while Sports mode has 230Nm.

It’s a front-wheel-drive car with a lot of torque, which causes it to understeer, but don’t worry, there’s a method to adjust it, too. Use the Torque Transfer Control (TTC) mode to direct extra torque to the right wheel without causing it to lose its stance. In this setting, the traction control eases its grip, preventing any wheel from slipping off the tarmac.

The Abarth 595 Competizione’s stability at high speeds is something to vouch for, as it feels very confident and eager to rake in greater speeds, breathing more and more kilometres with ease. It’s like a bunny on steroids, full of energy and eager to jump about the entire garden. While driving this miniature monster on grass is not recommended, a race track appeared to be a better option.

It’s entertaining on straight portions, no question, but get it on its toes, literally, and hurl it around curves, and the entertainment factor skyrockets. It has the agility of a light motorcycle when it comes to cornering. It doesn’t misbehave in the slightest once inside the corner and in Sport mode, and instead exudes excellent confidence. The PZero tyres are so sticky that you won’t lose track even at top speeds of triple digits. What makes it so manoeuvrable in tight spaces? It’s the incredible 4-piston all-wheel disc brakes that gnaw at the discs, ensuring that this stinging Scorpion is brought under control as soon as the pedal is pressed.


The reason you should acquire this cute sporty small fast hatchback is simple: it’s a party tool you’ve always wanted. With a price tag of Rs 29.85 lakhs, there won’t be many on the road, but that’s part of what makes it distinctive and remarkable. Also, this is only the beginning, as many more’realistic’ Abarths are on their way to India, including the 145PS Punto Evo Abarth, which is set to debut in the coming weeks. Let us continue to admire this Italian delicacy until then.

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