About Pickootech
About Pickootech

Pickootech is an initiative for those who want to start their own digital marketing career and for those too, who are frustrated from 9 to 5 job.

This could be the life-changing idea for you to choose blogging as your business startup.

Hello, hope you are doing already well. If not, I came here to make your well in your life and career.

Spoiler🙁 About Pickootech section is not to motivate you to start a website. It is just to force you to think that are you feeling happy what you’re doing right now to earn some money. Is it really a great choice that you have made to do a full day job.

Let’s know what I am going to help you with in this blog: –

  1. Creative tips and tricks to grow your career in blogging field.
  2. Pickootech will Help to start your blogging journey from basic level and pull it to advance by providing practical and actionable strategies.
  3. Provide you specific digital marketing tips which can be so helpful to start small level business and make them big.
  4. We will learn the whole blogging formulas and related skills such as wordpress, social media marketing and much more.
  5. Our goal is not only to provide you the knowledge about blogging or other things. Our ultimate goal is to help you in starting your part-time career as a blogger and make your brain confident about to generate good passive income even more than your job. So, you can easily skip your job and make blogging your full-time career. We assure you that you will definitely do that.

History of domain and think to make it big

I bought this domain “Pickootech” on April, 8-2020 with the desire to start my own website. I was wondering that it would be interesting to manage a blog but i did not know this can be tough or so confusing at the same time.

I was so perplexed in niche selection, and I Have tried a lot if niches and tried to write blogposts in multiple topics such as cooking, technology, Biographies, news, digital marketing and much more. But fortunately, I found my interest in writing blogposts related to digital marketing.

I choose this topic because it could be the career booster for many of individuals like you. Other topics can only help but this niche can make someone a blogger and digital marketer.

I hope, you understood our goal and you will help us to reach on that level where we can educate just by website.

Let’s look up at my study background.

I am not from IIT or a degree holder. I am graduate from Kurukshetra university, and I have done BCA from there. I was not so intelligent, but I had a good interest in writing paragraphs in English language. All the time, my mum told me to not to write a lot and said it can affect your eyes. Hahaha…

But I got a professional and targeted English language mentorship to enhance my English language knowledge. Because I wanted to nourish my content writing skills and make it better.