2015 BMW X6M Review


BMW broke them all with the X6, a car that made a unique statement with its unconventionally shaped exterior, just as the world had come to terms with the correct definition of shapes of different types of vehicles. The German automaker also devised a new moniker for the X6: Sports Activity Coupe, in order to differentiate it as much as possible.

The X6 already looked the part of a sporty beefed up being with its muscular haunches and athletic attitude, but BMW’s M Motorsport division wasn’t pleased with that. Instead, they gave it a more angular face, machined alloy wheels, and altered the interiors to seem distinct from the original model. The primary alteration, though, was under the hood, where an M-powered engine was installed.

The 2015 BMW X6M is powered by a brand new 4.4-litre V8 TwinTurbo engine that produces 575hp and 750Nm of mind-blowing torque, which is distributed to all four wheels. It’s also believed to be BMW’s most powerful all-wheel-drive system ever. Only one location has the ability to exhibit its true potential. We just completed a proper race course in order to obtain this re-booted beast. Here’s a look at our early impressions.

Exterior Appearance

When you see the new BMW X6M, the first word that comes to mind is “outlandish.” The jacked-up coupe-inspired vehicle’s vast proportions of muscles and shapes jettison the usually dull straights and squares of an orthodox SUV design.

The front appearance is bold and belligerent, with big headlights emphasising its intimidating presence. The larger kidney grille has a brilliant surround and vertical slats, as well as a camera neatly hidden beneath the model label. Character lines run the length of the long and sculpted hood, hinting at the beast of a powerplant beneath it. With several scoops and fog lamps, the front bumper appears to be somewhat intricate. These air pockets have a visual appeal in that they appear to be capable of eating a hatchback, but they also have a functional purpose in that they assist cool the engine inside.

While the front face of the X6M is similar to that of the X5M, the profile of the X6M is slightly wider. The similarities, however, cease at the front, for the X6M, with its sloping roofline that flows in an angular manner from the front before merging with the shooting and butch rear, appears like no other vehicle. As it climbs all the way to the back, the shoulder line remains powerful.

Despite the fact that it is a larger vehicle, it does not appear to be bulky. It has an excellent silhouette thanks to the contrast of an SUV-like car with a sedan-like window line. A powerful profile line that highlights the rear wheel arch, breaking the mono flow on the wedge line going along the shoulder, also adds an important touch to the back half.

This one rides on M exclusive 20-inch wheels with Pirelli PZero tyres, and they look fantastic, especially with the five spoke machined finish on the alloys. On M models, the lower section of the rocker moulding is lower and blends very nicely with the side skirts.

Interior appearance

The zesty interiors of the BMW X6M, with its finest grade leather and equipment, look simply great, and are aimed at performance and luxury enthusiasts. Yes, it retains the modest feel of a typical BMW automobile since the entire focus is on keeping you engaged with the cabin dynamics rather than making you doze off with dollops of luxury.

It has standard leather seats and a front dashboard wrapped in Alcantara. It feels really premium and unique due to the high quality of the finishing and stitches. Fortunately, there isn’t much to pick from in terms of features and choices, as BMW includes nearly everything as standard on this hulking beast.

When you get comfortable in the BMW X6seats, M’s the first thing you’ll notice is the big 10.25-inch iDrive infotainment screen. It’s easy to use thanks to its high resolution and clear presentation of features and settings, as well as the dial jog. This screen allows you to pair phones, listen to music, change car settings, trigger alarms and caution messages, and adjust the suspension and transmission.

The 360-degree parking camera provides a complete view of the surroundings and makes it simple to park and manoeuvre in tight spaces, reducing the vehicle’s size disadvantages. Even the navigation tool is really beneficial because it presents a path with all of the relevant information surrounding the final spot.

While some may say that the X6M isn’t a practical automobile due to its strange ball-shaped sloping roofline, it actually has ample room in the back for taller passengers. The back half of the house can comfortably accommodate three average-sized persons. BMW improved the back seat positioning by lowering the bench point to match the sloping roofline for a more open feel.

Driven by Results

I asked the trainer, “Can this one do doughnuts on a track?” not expecting to see what happened next. Before I tell you about my track experience with the new X6M, there is some important information you should be aware of. The X6M is 2.3 tonnes in weight and dimensionally larger than many SUVs, but it has a bold personality thanks to its 4.4-litre TwinTurbo V8 engine.

Although the powerplant in our last review car is the same, the dynamics of the X5M and X6M are vastly different. The former is a well-behaved car with a bigger heart, but the X6M is a complete outlaw when it comes to observing the rules. It only needs an excuse to escape the humdrum and let its free spirit run wild, leaving you speechless. The 0 to 100 kmph time is 4.2 seconds, which is a significant improvement over the M6 because the M6 is a sedan built to cheat air resistance, but this one is a muscular thoroughbred SUV.

When the engine is revved up, you can hear an angry growl from the engine. Only when you let off of your foot does the motor begin to create a symphony from an army of eight cylinders performing in unison, ensuring that you understand what you’re up against. The eight-speed transmission does an excellent job of channelling all of that horsepower to all four wheels. Although the Steptronic gearbox is not a dual clutch performance spitting gearbox, it does succeed in emulating it. There’s also a technique to change the shift points so that the motor stays at a certain rev for a longer period of time before changing to the next.

If you want to test the monster’s true capabilities, you can’t help but concentrate all of your senses on the steering wheel and the road ahead once it’s rolling. The steering feedback is direct, and it can be increased by changing the console setting. On default settings, it drives like a true performance car, but it’s only when all of the M-spec modes are turned on, altering the X6performance M’s characteristics, that you truly grasp and feel what this car is capable of.

Even a modest dash on the throttle now pulled me fully behind, and when I took my foot down entirely, it felt like all the wheels collaborated to teach me a lesson and started burning the tarmac. Even at low speeds, the motor provides so much power that you must be cautious of what lies ahead. Fortunately, we had the race track as a playground to put the X6exceptional M’s capabilities to the test.

The V8 engine is constantly on its toes, ready to suck up as much distance as possible in the shortest amount of time. The ride feels highly planted on straight portions, thanks to the Pirellis’ excellent tarmac traction. While these sleek tyres have a lot going for them, they aren’t the best at absorbing road imperfections because low profile tyres are designed for high speeds exclusively. While taking tight corners at high speeds, the ride quality is similarly assured. The massive multi piston motorsport brakes assist with this, providing considerable bite and allowing the car to come to a halt when needed.

The X6agile M’s throttle response has to be its most amazing feature; regardless of engine rpm, get on the throttle and the motor will surprise you by squeezing out the last available drop of torque, rescuing you from a tight predicament. This one can certainly keep its position like a boss around the apex!


Clearly, the BMW X6M is not for everyone, as some may be turned off by its appearance, but there is a sizable audience who adores this spruced up SUV. Call it whatever you want, Sports Activity Coupe or whatever, but the only way to truly connect with this car is to call it The Hulk. The X6M is peaceful until you tease it, and it will try to be docile until you get it mad, at which point it unleashes its true personality, and you realise what 750Nm thrown through all wheels means.

Please don’t mistake it for anything else, as the X6M will spend most of its time on smooth pavement rather than off-road. It’s the kind of ride that may act as a wingman for you when you go to a popular nightclub. Overall, if you have a taste for living a bizarre lifestyle, we strongly advise you to check it out.

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